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Good News

(1930 b 84')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Adapted from a Broadway musical, a college football player falls in love with his astronomy tutor.

Professor Kenyon (Frank McGlynn Sr.) objects to college chorus girls and says football star Tom Marlowe (Stanley Smith) is failing Astronomy. Babe O'Day (Bessie Love) calls Beef (Delmer Daves) a zero and looks for a new boyfriend, saying she is not hard to get but hard to get away from. Bobbie (Gus Shy) is interested, but Beef tells him to stay away from Babe. The football players sing, and the coach's assistant, Pooch Kearney (Cliff Edwards) sings "I'm Pessimistic." Connie Lane (Mary Lawlor) is told to clean things at the sorority. Tom asks Patricia Bingam (Lola Lane) for help in astronomy, but she suggests Connie. Tom thinks Connie is plain until she is made over to look good. She teaches him about Venus and Mars. They meet again in the evening and sing about kissing.

Bobbie smokes in bed before getting up. Tom has a new girl and gives Bobbie his photo of Patricia. Babe climbs in Bobbie's window and hides under the bed when Beef comes in to teach Bobbie signals. Beef threatens to flatten Bobbie over Babe. Patricia reminds Tom that he proposed to her. Bobbie flirts with Patricia, but she says she is marrying Tom after the game. While Tom takes his Astronomy test, the Latin class does "The Varsity Rag." Bobbie shoots craps with Babe, and she wins all his money. Bobby sings and dances with her. The coach sends Pooch in to Professor Kenyon, who passes Tom so that Tait can win the game. The students celebrate his passing at a pep rally. Bobbie announces Patricia's plans to marry Tom if Tait wins, and he thanks Connie, who wishes them well and faints. Bobbie tells Babe if he wins the game, he will marry her. Tom tells Connie he loves her but must fulfill his promise to Patricia. He sings "The Best Things In Life Are Free." Others sing "Good News" and dance.

In the game Beef injures his ankle, and Pooch treats it. At half-time Bobbie complains the coach's nephew went in for Beef instead of him. The coach criticizes the players and asks Tom what is wrong. He puts in Bobbie. Connie is happy that Tait is losing. Tom intercepts a pass and runs, fumbling when he is tackled; but Bobbie scores. Fans cheer Bobbie, and he tells Babe she must marry him. Patricia promises Tom a football wedding. In the final number (originally in experimental color and now lost) at the jazzy wedding of Tom and Patricia, Connie is revealed under the veil as Patricia realized that Tom loves Connie.

This musical comedy entertains with youthful energy as football and courtship dominate the movie view of college.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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