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(silent 1927 b 77')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Adapted from Elinor Glyn's novel, a salesgirl with sex appeal shows that she has what it takes to win over the wealthy boss.

Cyrus Waltham Jr. (Antonio Moreno) replaces his father in running his department store. His friend Monty Montgomery (William Austin) brings him flowers on his first day and reads about "it," which is sex appeal. Monte tells Cyrus that none of the employees have it. The salesgirls admire Cyrus, and they make fun of Betty Lou Spence (Clara Bow), who says she wants him. Monte notices Betty, but Cyrus does not. Monte offers her a ride and goes on the bus with her. She agrees to dine with him at the Ritz in order to meet Cyrus.

Molly (Priscilla Bonner) and her baby are staying with Betty. Molly helps Betty dress. Adela Van Norman (Jacqueline Gadsden) tells her mother that she may become Mrs. Waltham. Betty gets a table near Cyrus and Adele. Writer Elinor Glyn (herself) comes in and tells Cyrus about "it." As Cyrus is leaving, Betty manages to meet him and bets he won't remember her when next they meet.

A customer complains that Betty insulted her, and she is sent to Cyrus. He does not recognize her and loses the bet. So she gets him to take her to an amusement park, and they have fun on various rides. He drives her home and kisses her, but she slaps him and runs into her flat.

Welfare women are threatening to take Molly's baby away because she is poor and has no job; but Betty says the baby is hers. They ask her who the husband is. Betty has Monte verify that she has a job, and a reporter takes notes.

Drunk Monte shows Cyrus the news story. The welfare ladies question Cyrus about his employee Betty. Cyrus gives out bonus checks, and Betty remains in his office. She lays on his desk and says she likes diamonds. They admit they like each other. Cyrus offers her whatever she wants, but she takes offense at the arrangement and leaves.

Betty quit her job. Monte brings her flowers, and Betty tells him that the baby is Molly's. He says he told Cyrus that it was hers. Betty is angry he believed him and plans to reject his marriage proposal. Monte says he is going on a yacht with Cyrus, and Betty goes with Monte.

Cyrus prevents Monte from leaving the yacht. Monte tells Cyrus that his guest has it. Betty comes in, and angry Cyrus wants to put her ashore. Cyrus gets serious and asks Betty to marry him, but she says she would prefer his office boy. Monte consoles Betty and tells Cyrus that Betty has no baby. Distracted Monte lets the yacht hit another boat. Betty and Adele fall in the ocean, and Betty is saving Adele. Cyrus dives in and helps rescue Adele. Monte helps Adele get back on the boat, and Cyrus swims after Betty. They climb onto the side of the boat. Monte says that Adele and he are the itless its. Cyrus and Betty kiss.

This romantic comedy reflects a new openness in talking about sexual attraction and thrives on the ebullient vivacity of Clara Bow.

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